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STS CORPORATION Personal Data Protection Policy.

STS Corporation("STS")takes respecting and protecting customer's personal data as our social responsibility. Therefore STS will implement following Personal Data Protection Policy in its business activities.

  1. STS Strictly conforms to the Personal Data and other relevant laws and regulations.
  2. Before STS acquires customer's personal data, we specify its purpose to the customer and then obtain customer's consent legally and fairly in advance.
  3. STS will use customer's personal data only to the extent of specified purpose to the customer in advance.
  4. STS does not provide any data which we obtain from our customers with their consent to the third party except for being asked in accordance with other laws and regulations.
  5. STS takes rational safety measures against the risk of personal data in cases like unauthorized access, disclosure, the loss, destruction and alteration of personal data.
  6. STS properly responds to customer's or their deputies requests to provide, alter or delete their personal data.

STS Corporation
Ryo Nakai, President