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Line Laser

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Automatic Navigation Line Laser AGL41

Our navigating detector leads laser beam to meet the V line automatically.

Easy to meet with the line automatically.

■Automatic navigation mode
By adopting its automatic navigation mode, troublesome work to meet V line laser to the center of a detector will be done automatically.
Detective range : Maximum about 25m.

Remoto control from a detector.

■Remote control mode
With the remote control function, the instrument can be rotated so that remote control of laser direction for horizontal line is available.
It is very helpful when working alone.
■Automatic compensation off mode
In automatic compensation off mode, laser emission at your desirable angle is available even the angle is over automatic compensation range(±2°).
※We recommend that you should use our STH70.
※It is not available for horizontal, vertical & cross line(90°).
■Hyper brightness laser
Double brightness (STS comparison
It makes it much easier to see laser beam.
※Just an image
■High accuracy ±1mm/10m
■Water and dustproof: equivalent to IP54
Dustproof is neccessary when you use it indoors.
■Shiny spirit level
When turning on the instrument, spirit level shines. So it is easy to find where it is on the floor and it also prevents to turn off the instrument.
■Other safety functions
Slope warning sensor for out of compensation range and battery life warning.
■Rechargeable batteries are available.
AA2300(AA type rechargeable battery) is available. You can use it effectively with our quick charger(QCS-55R).
Guarantee piriod: one year from purchase
《AGL41 standard set(including a navigating detector)》
※A tripod and rechargeable battery are option.

Standard accessories
  • Hard case
  • Rod clamp for detector
  • Shoulder belt for case
  • Laser glasses
  • Land surveying tripod attachment

Option (are not included in the standard accessories)
■EL-CM(Elevator tripod for laser products)
■STH70 (Slope head)
■QCS-55 (Quick recharger)
■AA2300(AA type rechargeable battery)(1 pc.)
※6 pcs. for AGL41, and 3 pcs. for detector are needed.

EL-CM(Option: Elevator tripod for laser products)

Standard accessories
  • Carry bag

A small type elevator tripod for Line Lasers

Suitable for EXA, Z and LX series

■Maximum length 1,230mm
■Minimum length 470mm
■Screw  5/8 inch
■Weight 970g
Laser source 635nm・650nm(down plumb bob point) Red color semi-conductor laser
Output under 2.5mW class 1M(JIS C6802:2005)
Pulse width/frequency 50μs/10kHz±10%
Line width 1.5mm/5m
Accuracy horizontal・vertical ±1mm/10m Cross line ±1mm/5m
Automatic compensation off function ±2°
Slope warning have(When out of compensation range, all lasers blink and buzzer sound.)
Automatic compensation off function have
Braking system Magnetic braking system
Main body rotating mechanism 360° with automatic navigating function and remote control function
Rotating slight movement device have
Battery life warning have Pilot lamp of laser and motor drive part blink
Power Alkaline dry cell battery AA (LR6) x 4 pcs.(for laser part)
Alkaline dry cell battery AA(LR6) x 4 pcs.(for motor drive part)
Continuous operating hours
(In case of alkaline dry cell battery at 20℃)
1 line emission about 30 hrs. (in detector mode, about 55 hrs.)
2 lines emission about 14 hrs. (in detector mode, about 23 hrs.)
3 lines emission about 10 hrs. (in detector mode, about 17 hrs.)
All lasers about 5 hrs. (in detector mode, about 13 hrs.)
Operation temperature range -10℃〜45℃
Water and dustproof have(equivalent to IP54)
Detector: available with our USS41.
Size φ106(body)×H232mm
Weight 1.85kg(including dry cell batteries.)
USS41 detector
Display Hyper brightness LED(3 colors) Triple display for front, back and side. Buzzer sound(Volume: big, small, no sound)
Laser detecting range about 1.5m~maximum about 50m(It depends on using environment, etc.)
Laser detecting accuracy within 15m ±0.5mm
less than 35mm ±1.0mm
over 35mm ±1.5mm
Automatic navigation control range about 1.5m~maximum about 25m(indoor) ※※It depends on using environment.
Short distance mode(Off lamp) About 1.5m~10m
Long distance mode(Green lamp)About 7m~25m
※Overlapped distance(=about 7m~10m) differs depending on using environment.
Using range of remote controller Maximum about 25m(indoor)※It depends on using environment.
Power Alkaline dry cell battery AA(LR6) x 3 pcs.
Continuous operating hours about 60hrs(by alkaline dry cell battery)
Operation temperature range -10℃〜45℃ (without dew)
Water and dustproof have (equivalent to IP54)
Battery life warning have (power pilot lamp blinks)
Automatic power off have(about 10 min after the last operation or detection.)
Size 170×58×35mm
Weight 0.24kg(including dry cell batteries)