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Line Laser

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Side Projection Full Line Laser CAL−44HP

Electronic Leveling Full Line Laser Marker

Using vertical lines projected from sides of an instrument, it comes to be possible to project lasers closer to walls.

Using vertical lines projected from sides of an instrument, it comes to be possible to project lasers closer to walls.

Using vertical lines projected to 4 directions from the sides of an instrument, it comes to be possible to project lasers closer to walls.

Adopted a newly developed swing device

With a newly developed swing device(patent pending), slight adjustment of vertical lines using its slight movement screw can be possible without shifting its crossed line on the floor.

■Electronic leveling system
Very effective in operational sites where have much vibraton.
It is much better than gimbal system which is easy to get influence from a little impact.

■High-powered laser
High-powered laser which is much brighter than hyper brightness laser.(Our comparison)
It enables us to see laser beam in bright place.
※Just an image

■Water and dustproof, equivalent to IP54
Endurable in harsh operational sites.
When using it indoors, dustproof is inevitable.

■Slim detector(Standard accessories)
A slim detector, SS-50ZR, is included. Maximum detection will be about 50m.

A detector, SS-50ZR(Standard accessory)

■2 ways power
Both dry cell batteries and a lithium ion rechargeable battery are available. (A lithium ion rechargeable battery are included.)

A lithium ion rechargeable battery.
LBT-37L(Standard aaccessories)

■High accuracy ±1mm/10m
■Shining spirit level
Adopted a shining spirit level. Easy to see in dark place. Power on/off can be confirmed at once.
■Safety functions
Slope warning sensor, battery life warning, etc.
Guarantee period: one year from purchase
《CAL-44HP Standard accessories(with a detector)》
※An optional Tripod is not included.

Standard accessories
  • Hard Case
  • Detector, SS-50ZR
  • Rod Clamp for detector
  • LBT-37L(lithium ion rechargeable battery)
  • Charger, SCL-42
  • Shoulder belt
  • Laser grasses

Optional(not included in the standard set)
■Elevator Tripod for Line Laser《EL-CM》

Elevator Tripod for Line Laser, EL−CM(optional)

Standard accesories
  • Carry bag

A Small Type Elevator Tripod for Line Laser

EXA Series, LX Series, etc.

For Line Laser

■Maximum Length 1,230mm
■Minimum Length 470mm
■Fixing screw 5/8 inch
■Weight 970g
Laser source 635nm Red semi-conductor laser
Output Under 5mW Class 2M (JIS C6802:2005)
Pulse width/frequency 50μs/10kHz±10%
Line width 1.5mm/5m
Accuracy H and V ±1mm/10m P ±1mm/5m
Automatic compensation ±3°
Slope warning have, All the lasers blink and it makes buzzer sound.
Braking System Electronic leveling system
Rotating Mechanism 360°
Rotating slight movement device have
Battery life warning have A main pilot lamp blinks.
Power supply Alkaline dry cell battery AA(LR6) x 4 pcs.
  Or rechargeable battery(Lithium ion)(Charging hours: about 5 hours)
Continuous operating hours
(20℃ with lithium ion battery)
High-powered mode All Hs about 14 hours
         All Vs about 7 hours
         All lines about 4.5 hours
Detector mode All Hs about 38 hours
       All Vs about 20 hours
       All lines about 12 hours
Operating temperature -10℃〜+45℃
Water and dustproof have Equivalent to IP54
Detector available with SS-50ZR
Maximum distance(outdoors) about 50m with SS-50ZR((It depends on its environment.)
Size/Weight φ138(Body Part)×H225mm 1.9kg(including batteries)
SS-50ZR Detector
Display Hyper brightness LED(3 colors) Front/back/side (triple displays) and buzzer sound
Detecting distance about 1.5m〜max.about 50m(It depends on its environment.)
Detecting accuracy within 15m: ±0.5mm
less than 35m: ±1.0mm
Over 35m: ±1.5mm
Power supply AAA dry cell battery x 3 pcs.
Continuous operating hours about 50 hours(Alkaline dry cell battery)
Operating temperature -20℃〜+50℃ without dew
Water and dustproof have Equivalent to IP56
Battery life warning have A power pilot lamp blinks.
Automatic power off have 6 min after the last operation or detection
Size/Weight 150×52×19mm/145g(including battereis)