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Line Laser

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Line Laser EXA-Series

Thanks to the hyper-brightness laser,
double brightness comparing with our ordinal laser was achieved!
(STS comparision)
It enabled to see laser beam more clearly in the place where it was not.

■Water and dustproof equivalent to IP54
Water and dustproof equivelent to IP54 made it available to work in the harsh environment. Even for indoor operation, dustproof is inevitable.
■Available with the detector
Using the optional detector, SS-50Z, it makes it enable to detect laser beam by maximum about 50m in the light place where is ususlaly difficult to see it.
→Original detector(Option) SS-50Z(with clamp)
■Easy to see, shiny Spirit Level
Shiny Spirit Level makes it easy to confirm your operation in the dark place. Furthermore, it also informs you if you forget turning off the instrument.
■Automatic compansation off mode
(Only for EXA-YR21 and EXA-YR41)
In the automatic compansation off mode, even at the angle which is exceeded the automatic compansation range(±3°), it is able to emit laser at your desiable angle.
※Using optional Slope Head(STH70) will make your operation more effective.
※It is not able to work for Horizontal, Vertical and Cross Lines(90°).
■Built-in Tripod(※Only for EXA-YR41)
It can freely open and close the tripod. It is very useful when using in the small space and near the wall.
■Available to use rechargeable batery
AA type rechargeable Nickel Hydride battery(AA2300)can be used. In combination with original quick charger(QCS-55), it can be used much economically and efficiently than disposable battery.

EXA−YR44 360°Horizontal, 4 directions Vertical, Cross lines (90°),
down plump bob point

Electronic Leveling Full Lines Laser Marker with hyper blightness laser beam

■Automatic leveling with electronic control system
Adopting very efficient electronic leveling system suitable for the work place where always have some slight vibration!Comparing with gimbals system in which laser cannot be stable with a little vibration, this system can make the laser more stable in the same environment.

Standard accessories
  • Shoulder belt
  • Original case
  • Attachement for Land Surveying Tripod
  • Laser glasses
  • Laser target

Optional goods
■Original Detector《SS-50Z(with clamp)》
■Elevator Tripod for Laser Products《EL-CM》
■Quick Charger《QCS-55》
■Rechargeable AA dry cell battery《AA2300(1 pc)》
※For EXA-YR44, 4 pcs are neccessary.

EXA−YR41 4 directions Vertical, Cross Lines, Horizontal,Down plump bob point

Standard accessories
  • Shoulder belt
  • Original case

Optional goods
■Original Detector《SS-50Z(with clamp)》
■Elavator Tripod for Laser Products《EL-CM》
■AC Adaptor《SAC-60》※Not available for EXA-YR21
■Quick Charger《QCS-55》
■Rechargeable AA dry cell battery《AA2300(1 pc)》
※For EXA-YR41, 4 pcs are neccessary.
■Slope Head《STH70》
※It is neccessary to use together with optional elevator tripod.

EXA−YR21 Cross Lines, Horizontal, Vertical and Down Plump Bob Point

Standard accessories
  • Shoulder belt
  • Original case

Optional goods
■Original Detector《SS-50Z(with clamp)》
■Elavator Tripod for Laser Products《EL-CM》
■Quick Charger《QCS-55》
■Rechargeable AA dry cell battery《AA2300(1 pc)》
※For EXA-YR21, 3 pcs. are neccessary.
■Slope Head《STH70》
※It is neccessary to use together with optional elevator tripod.

Original Detector, SS−50Z, with clamp(Optional)
《SS-50Z Standard set(with clamp)》

Standard accessories
  • Rod Clamp

Pocket Size Slim Detector

Especially for EXA series, Z series and LX series

■Available upto about 50m at maximum
■Water and dustproof of equivalent to IP56
■Unprecedented 19mm thickness
■3 colors hyper brightness LED
Able to see the LED which shows the detecting position from 3 directions such as front, side and back.

Elevator Tripod, EL-CM, for Laser Products(Optional)

Standard Accessories
  • Carry bag

Small Size Elevator Tripod for Laser Marker

Suitable for EXA series, Z series and LX series

■Maximum length 1,230mm
■Minimum length 470mm
■Fixing screw diameter 5/8 inch
■Weight 970g
Laser source 635nm・650nm(Down Plumb Bob Point)
Red color semi-conductor laser
Laser output Under 2.5mW Class 1M (JIS C6802:2005)
Pulse width : Frequency 50μs/10kHz±10%
Line width 1.5mm/5m
Accuracy Horizontal・Vertical ±1mm/10m 
Cross-lines ±1mm/5m
Automatic compensation range ±3°
Slope warning ○ When out of compensation range, all the lasers brink and
it makes the buzzar sound.
Automatic compensation off function EXA-YR44X
Braking system EXA-YR44Electronic Leveling System
EXA-YR41Magnetic Braking system
EXA-YR21Magnetic Braking system
Rotating mechanism 360°
Rotation slight movement gadget EXA-YR44Endless 360° slight movement screw
(Left, right and front side)
EXA-YR41○ Available range :about 3°
(about 260mm at 5m)
EXA-YR21○ Available range :about 3°
(about 260mm at 5m)
Battery life warning ○ Main pilot lamp blinks
Power EXA-YR44Alkaline dry cell battery AA(LR6)×4 pcs.
EXA-YR41Alkaline dry cell battery AA(LR6)×4 pcs.(Available for AC100V using optional AC adaptor)
EXA-YR21Alkaline dry cell battery AA(LR6)×3 pcs.
Continuous operating hours(in 20℃ with alkaline dry cell battery)
EXA-YR44 Normal mode 2VDabout 12 hours
4Habout 9.5 hours
4VDabout 8.5 hours
4V4HDabout 4.7 hours
Hyper brightness mode 2VDabout 8 hours
4Habout 4.8 hours
4VDabout 4.5 hours
4V4HDabout 2 hours
EXA-YR41 Normal mode 1Habout 44.5 hours
2VDabout 22 hours
2V1HDabout 13.5 hours
4VDabout 10 hours
4V1HDabout 7.5 hours
Hyper brightness mode 1Habout 38 hours
2VDabout 16 hours
2V1HDabout 10 hours
4VDabout 7.5 hours
4V1HDabout 5.5 hours
EXA-YR21 Normal mode 1Habout 52.5 hours
2VDabout 23 hours
2V1HDabout 15.5 hours
Hyper brightness mode 1Habout 40 hours
2VDabout 15.5 hours
2V1HDabout 11 hours
Operational temperature range -10℃∼ +45℃
Water and dustproof ○ Equivalant to IP54
Detector available Optional SS-50Z
Maximum outside reaching distance about 50m (with optional SS-50Z but it depends on using environment)
Size/weight EXA-YR44Φ112(body)×H218mm/1.48kg(including dry cell battery)
EXA-YR41Φ90(body)×H190mm/1.03kg(including dry cell battery)
EXA-YR21Φ80(body)×H190mm/1.0kg(including dry cell battery)
Indication Hyper brightness LED(3 colors)  Triple(front, side and back) indications and buzzer sound
Detecting distance about 1.5m∼ Maximum about 50m(depending on using environment)
Detecting acuracy within 15m:±0.5mm
Under 35m:±1.0mm
Over 35m:±1.5mm
Power AAA dry cell battery ×3 pcs.
Continuous operating hours About 50 hours(with Alkaline dry cell battery)
Operational temperature range -20℃∼ +50℃ (without dew)
Water and dustproof ○ Equivalent to IP56
Battery life warning ○ Power pilot lamp blinks
Automatic power off ○ about 6 minutes after the last operation or detection
Size/weight 150×52×19mm/145g