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Laser Mouse LM-130


Standard accessories
  • Adhesive tape (Rubber-made)
  • Nylone bag

Available to stick on wall with rubber made adhesive tape included.

Without giving any damage to wall or floor, able to decide vertical and horizontal position with laser line.

■With rubber-made adhesive tape, able to be fixed on wall
Attached adhesive tape on the back side of unit enables you to mark horizontal and vertical line on the wall of being already finished surface without giving any damage to it.
■Movable freely
With build-in 2 Spirit Levels for horizontal and vertical direction, able to project a laser beam horizontally or vertically in a moment.

Light source 635nm Red semi-conductor laser
Output Under 1mW JIS Class 2
Accuracy for projected laser ±1.3mm/1m
Operating temperature range -10℃∼ +40℃
Power supply AA size alkaline dry cell battery x 2 pcs.
Continuous operating hours Over 60 hours(when using alkaline battery)
Size/Weight 112×60×43mm/130g