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Line Laser

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360°Horiozontal Line Laser OLH-4L

Standard Accessories
  • Detector SS-50Z
  • Rod Clamp for Detector
  • L Shape Wall Mount
  • Original Case

360° Horizontal Line Laser

Good for constructions of floor and ceiling

With hyper-blightness laser beam, double brightness was acheaved.(STS Comparison)
It became easier to see the laser beam in the light place than before.
■Detector available
Using included original Detector, SS-50Z, it will be possible to detect laser beam in the light place where is usually difficut to see, up to maximum about 50m.
■Equivalent to IP54
Water and Dustproof equivalent to IP54 protects the instrument in the harsh operational site. Even for users using this instrument indoor, Dustproof is neccessary.
■Automatic Compensation Off Mode
In Automatic Compensation Off Mode, even out of its Automatic Compensation Range(±5°), you can project laser beam at your desirable angle.
※We recommend to use our STH70 together.(Optional)
※Horizontal operation is not available.
■L shape Wall Mount is included in the standard accessories.
■High Accuracy ±1mm/10m
■Slope Warning Sensor and Battery Life Warning functions

e.g. for Magnet Type L Style Wall Mount

e.g. for Magnet Type L Style Wall Mount

Optional(not included in the standard set)
■Original Rechargeable Battery & Recharger set《BTH4L+SCL-42》
■Original Rechargeable Battery《BTH4L》
※For Rechargeable Battery, SCL-42 is neccessary.
※It is impossible to use Recharger, SCL-42, alone.
■Elevator Tripod for Laser《EL-CM》
■Slope Head《STH70》
※It cannot be used alone. Elevator Tripod for Laser is neccessary.

Laser Source 635nm Red Semi-conductor Laser
Laser Output Under 2.5mW Class 1M (JIS C6802:2005)
Pulse width and Frequency 50μs/10kHz±10%
Line width 1.5mm/5m
Accuracy ±1mm/10m
Automatic Compensation Range ±5°
Slope Warning ○ When out of compensation range, all laser beam blink and it makes buzzer sound.
Automatic Comensation Off Function
Braking System Magnet Braking System
Battery Life Warning ○ Power lamp blinks
Power Alkaline Dry Cell Battery AA (LR6) x 4 pcs.
BTH4L Rechargeable (Option)(Recharging hour: about 5 hours)
Operational temperature range -10℃〜+45℃
Water and Dustproof ○  Equivalent IP54
Detector Available Please use included Detector, SS-50Z.
Outdoor Maximum Distance About 50m (When using SS-50Z. But it depends on using environment.)
Size/ Weight φ95×H130mm / 0.64kg