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Detector Sliding Scale bar SIB240

Perfect to set position of detector on pole.

Easy to find comparision of high and low position at a glance.

■Make it easy to decide a position of a detector on Scale Pole by sliding it, which used to be very difficult by a clamp.
■Easy to measure comparision of high and low position by sliding a detector.
■There is also 1mm unit scale on the back.

As it has a sliding part, it is not neccessary to take off a clamp whenever you move a detector. It makes it easy to decide a position at a detecting point precisely. It also avoids shifting of a detector when fixing its clamp on a pole.

Back side (1mm scale)

With a spirit level, you can keep this Scale Pole vertically.

■Measurement for comparision of high and low position

@ Set a sliding part with a detector on its zero set position of 2nd section of a scale Pole. Put the Scale Pole on your desirable place, and extend 2nd section upward and then fix the 2nd section at the height where it can detect laser beam at zero setting position.

A Set the Scale Pole to the other place, and move only the sliding part up and down, and seek the detecting point. It gives us the difference in comparision of high and low position with the previous site.(According to above figs, it tells that A position is 20cm higher than @.)

Front side scale 1st section:Height scale
2nd section:Comparision in high scale(both for 1mm unit)
Back scale Height scale(1mm unit)
Minimum length 1310mm
Maximum length 2400mm
Measuring range  80cm〜190cm
2nd section sliding width ±50cm
Back side 〜2400mm
Sliding width 39mm
Sensitivity of spirit level 120′/2mm
Weight 788g
※With a nylon bag