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Rotary Laser Level

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Rotary Laser Level with slope setting function SLH-600

《SLH-600 Standard set》

Standard Accessories
  • Detector
  • Clamp for Detector
  • Remote Controller
  • Slope plate with 8 degree
  • Slight Movement Rotating Plate
  • Finderscope
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Recharger
  • Hardcase

■Slope Setting Mode
Dut to its 2 axes slope function, it is available to use for wide range of slope setting.
X axis -10%〜+10%
Y axis -1%〜+12%
Using included Slope Plate, the slope setting of maximum 25% is possible only with Y axis.
■Water and Dustproof
Water and Dustproof : IP56  It can be protected from rain and dust.
■Complete Automatic Selfleveling
Only putting on is fine. (±8°) No need of sprit level nor leveling screw.
■Detector and Remote controller are included in the standard set.
With included Remote Controller, interactive communication comes to be available. It enables us to conrtol the slope setting and confirmation from remote place.(Interactive communication range : about100m)
■Diamter 600m
With included Detector, the using range will be wider to about 600m in diameter.
■Safety mode
■Anti-Vibration mode
Anti-Vibration mode prevents the instrument from stopping rotation by a little vibration at operational site, and keep the leveling continuousely.
■Scanning Mode
■Laser Emission interrupting function
It can cut the laser beam toward where you do not emit. It will not bother other operators woking in the same operational site. You only push the direction button which you want to stop emission on Remote Controller or Control Panel of the instrument.
■2 way power supply
Rechargeable batteries are included in the accessories.
■Please use together with our Machine Control System HS-360.
It is so useful to use togehter with STS Machine Control System HS-360 ・HS-240C


Laser Source 635nm Red Semi-Conductor Laser
Laser Output Under 2mW Class3R (JIS C6802:2005)
Horizontal accuracy ±10″(±0.5mm/10m)
Slope accuracy -5%〜+5%:±0.1mm/1m
Slope Setting Range
(In case that the instrument is on the level position.)
1 axis:X axis:-10.000%〜+10.000%
  Y axis:-1.000%〜+12.000%
  Maximum when using included Slope Plate with 8 degree +25.000%(Y axis only)
2 axes:l X+Y l≦20.000%
Automatic Leveling Range ±8°
Measuring Range About 600m in diameter(When using included detector, SS-600)
Rotating Speed Two steps at 1100rpm and 600rpm
Laser Emission Interrupting Function ○ 
Remote Controller Interactive Communication Range About 100m
Power Alkaline D Dry Cell Battery x 3 pcs.
BTSL600 Rechargeable Li-ion battery Recharging hours: about over 12 hours
Continuous operating hours About 35 hours(Alkaline Battery) About 28 hours(Rechargeable battery)
Battery life warning ○ 
Operational temperature -10℃〜+45℃
Storing temperature -20℃〜+70℃
Out of compensation range warning ○  Stop Rotation, Buzzer sound, Laser Blinking
Safety Mode ○  Blinking of Safety Mode Display(quick blinking)
   Stop Rotation, Laser Blinking
Size and Weight 235×180×248mm 3.4kg(Excluded Batteries)
Water and Dustproof ○  equivalent to IP56

■SS−600 Detector
Indication LCD (boths sides) and Buzzer sound(Volume selectable: Big, Small, No sound)
Ditecting distance Maximum about 300m in radius (Maximum about 600m in diameter)
Detecting Accuracy Fine ±0.5mm
Middle ±1.0mm
Coarse ±2.5mm
Power Supply S-006P(6F22) Layered Dry Cell Battery(9V) x 1 pc.
Continuous operating hours About 36 hours
Operational temperature -10℃〜+45℃
Battery life warning
Spirit Level ○ (Vertical and Horizontal)
Illumination Device
Water and Dustproof ○ Equivalent to IP56
Automatic Power Off ○ About 6 mins after the last operation or detection
Size and Weight 159×82×28mm  0.25kg(Excluded batteries)

■RC-24 Remote Controller
Numbers of Channel 15ch
Frequency 2.4GHz Interactive
Output Under 1mW
Power Supply AA dry cell battery x 2pcs.
Continuous operating hours About 40 hours
Size and Weight 148×78×28mm 0.15kg(Excluded battery)
Water and Dustproof ○ Equivalent to IP56