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Laser related Products

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Line Laser Optional accessory

Quick Charger QCS-55R

Nickel hydride rechargeable battery, Recharger for nickel cadmium rechargeable battery

※Do not charge battery except for AA or AAA size mentioned above. (For an example, alkaline battery is not allowed.)

For AA and AAA type nickel hydride rechargeable battery and nickel cadmium rechargeable batery
AA Rechargeable Batteries AA2300
《AA2300》(1 pc)

Rechargeable Nickel Hydride Battery AA type

Height Adjustment Table MTR-BP

It is suitable for slight adjustment of height for horizontal Laser Line when using Tripod.

A table to adjust height of Elevator Tripod for Laser Products.

It enables to adjust height slighly which was difficult by Elevator Tripod, by turing 3 screws of MTR-BP to the same direction and distance.

※Line Marker and Tripod are not included.

Fixing screw diameter 5/8 inch
Up and down slight movement width 15mm
Size 70mmΦ(upper)×73mmΦ(lower)
Weight 340g
Slide Lifting Wall Mount KM-210

It is suitable for leveling from Mount.

Possible to fix on various type(Maximum to 9mm thickness)

※Rotating Laser is not included.

Fixing screw diameter 5/8 inch
Elavating width 210mm
Size 170×320mm
Weight 460g
Elavator Type Wall Mount EKM-400

It is suitable for leveling from mount.

Possible to fix on various type(Maximum to16mm thickness)

※Line Marker is not included.

Fixing screw diameter 5/8 inch
Elevating width 150mm
Size 136×350mm
Weight 950g
※with carry bag
Sliding Stand for Detector DST-150

It is designed to stand a detector for Laser Products.

It is useful for marking horizontal line on the floor and adjusting height when installing machines.

※Detector is not included.

Sliding width for height 40mm
Bolt width for height adjustment 40mm
Available movement height 75〜150mm(From the bottom to the fixing bolt of detector.Actual height will difer depending on detector fixed.
サイズ 85×55×125mm(Minimum length)
Weight 214g
Laser Glasses LG-400

This is a supplementary gadget to make laser beam easy to see in the light place.

※It is not for protecting eyes from laser beam.

■For red color laser beam
Laser Target LS307

With magnet

■For red color laser beam