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Machine Control System HS-360

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《HS-360 Standard unit》

Standard Accessories
  • RD-HS Remote Display
  • HS-RC Remote Cable(About10m)
  • HS-BC Battery Cable(About10m)
  • Ni-MH-SC7.2 Nickel Hydride Rechargeable Battery(Buil-in Type)
  • SAC-500 Recharger
  • HS-CL Clamp type fixing metal(2 pcs/1 unit)
  • Hard case

Increse your productivity for grading and excavating!
Machine Control System of simple operation

●Fix HS-360 on the mast or bucket of bulk earthmoving machines such as dozer, etc. and use together with Rotary Laser Level. It is suitable for managing the operational height.
●Boost your efficiency for surface grading. Save your time dramatically.
●By using together with Remote Display, your performance will significantly increase.

Receiving width 250mm
Receiving direction 360°
Receiving range 200m(Radius) ※When using with STS red color Rotary Laser Level
Display part Hyper brightness 2 colors LED, 5 sections indication, Keep the last receiving laser point in the memory function
Receiving accuracy Fine: ±2mm〜±10mm (Depends on diameter of laser beam)
Coarse: ±5mm〜±23mm (Depends on diamater of laser beam)
Power Ni-MH Rechargeable battery 7.2V 2500mAh Recharging time: about 5 hours
Continuous operating hours About 40 hours(Automatic off function when voltage is low)
Outside power DC12V±10% or Supply by car battery of DC24V±10%(with battery code)
Connecting method Clamp style(Available pole size: Round pipe 40mm〜50mm)
or Optional magnet style(Magnet φ85mm)
Water and dustproof Equivalent to IP66(Remote Display: Equivalent to IP54)
Operational temperature range -20℃〜+50℃
Remote Display Included in Standard Accessories(Model No.:RD-HS)
Size Machine Control HS-360 :362×80×128mm
Remote Display RD-HS :200×70×135mm
Weight Machine Control HS-360 Clamp style: 3.6kg
Remote Display RD-HS :1.1kg