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Inclinometer angle

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Digital Level DL164V

Standard accessories
  • AAA dry cell battery x 3 pcs
  • Original soft case

Show the slope value in digital display in real time.

With LCD backlight, Waterproof model

For management of Horizon, Vertical and Slope.

■Water and dustproof equivalent to IP54
As it is equivalent to IP54, it can be used with wet hands.
And also it can be used in the dusty environment.
■With LCD backlight function
LCD backlight helps you to read in the dark place.
Due to V-cut, it is stable on the pipe! It is very easy to manage gradient of pipes.
■Built-in magnet
The built-in magnet is effective for steel frame, pipe and plant construction.
■Indication fixing function
When it is difficult to read the display even you can touch the instrument, pushing the button makes the indication fix and you can read it later.
■Re-adjustment is possible.
When you have some trobles in accuracy, it is possible to re-adjust and confirm the accuracy at the operation site immediately.
■Angle and gradient indication
Once you push a button, the display unit will be changed alternatively to angle(°), gradient(%) or starting status.(mm/m)
■Comparison indication mode
Setting your desiarable angle as 0°, it is possible to show the comparison with other angle.
e.g.)When you set 0°at 30 °position in comparison mode, 50°in normal mode will be shown as 20°.
■Reversal LCD
Horizontal and vertical directions will be shown by triangles located both sides of LCD. If you reverse the instrument up-side down, numbers on LCD also reverse. It avoides having mis-reading.
■Sound function
When at 0°, 90°, 180°and 270°, it will inform you by buzzer sound.
-- e.g.--

Indication LCD Indication(Convertible to °or % or mm/m)with backlight
0°,90°,180°,270°(0% indication)Buzzer sound(Able to turn off.)
Angle indication mode Convertible to Normal or Comparison mode
Detecting angle range 360°(4 directions 90°and 8 directions 100% indication)
Minimum indication 0.1°(% or mm/m is exchanged by 0.1°unit and shown to the second decimal place)
Detecting accuracy When 0°,90°,180°,270°, it is ±0.1°
When others, it is ±0.2°
Power supply AAA dry cell battery ×3 pcs
Continuous operating hours About 60 hours(If alkaline battery)
Operational temperature range -10℃〜45℃ (withour dew)
Storing temperature range -20℃〜55℃ (without dew)
Battery life warning ○(LCD indication)
Automatic power off ○ About 20 mins after the last operation
Water and dustproof Equivalent to IP54
Size/Weight 164×60×32mm/370g(Including battery)