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Inclinometer angle

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Digital Level with Laser DL270LV


Standard accessories
  • AAA dry cell bbattery x 3 pcs
  • Original soft case

Optional item
■Leveling plate《BP270》

Only putting the instrument on the flat surface, it can show the angle in digital display.

For management of horizontal and vertical.

Unprecedented water and dustprood equivalent to IP54!

Due to V-cut, it is stable on the pipe! It is very easy to manage gradient of pipes.
■Built-in magnet
The built-in magnet is effective for steel frame, pipe and plant construction.
■Reversal LCD indication (180°)
LCD indication reverses independently so that it enabled to manage gradient even at where it is difficult to peep the LCD.(At this time, LCD does not reverse.)
■Fixing indication function
When it is difficult to read the display even you can touch the instrument, pushing the button makes the indication fix and you can read it later.
■Re-adjustment is possible
When you have some trobles in accuracy, it is possible to re-adjust and confirm the accuracy at the operation site immediately.
■Angle and gradient indication
Once you push a button, the indication unit will be changed alternatively to angle(°) or gradient(%).
■Comparison indication mode
Setting your desiarable angle as 0°, it is possible to show the comparison with other angle.
e.g.)When you set 0°at 30 °position in comparison mode, 50°in normal mode will be shown as 20°.
■Laser height :30mm
Laser height is 30mm from the bottom. Very efficient for operation!
■Reversal LCD indication
Horizontal and vertical directions will be shown by triangles located both sides of LCD. If you reverse the instrument up-side down, numbers on LCD also reverse. It avoides having mis-reading.
■Sound function
When at 0°, 90°, 180°and 270°, it will inform you by buzzer sound.

Indication LCD indication (Convertible to °or %) with back light and reversible for 180°.
0°,90°,180°,270°(0% indication)Buzzer sound(Able to turn off.)
Angle indication mode Convertible to normal or comparison mode
Detecting angle range 360°(4 directions 90°and 4 directions 99.9% indication)
Minimum indication 0.1°or 0.1%
Detecting accuracy When 0°,90°,180°,270°, it is ±0.1°
When others, it is ±0.2°
Laser source 635nm Red color semi-conductor laser
Output Under 1mW Class 2(JIS C6802:2005)
Laser emission accuracy ±2mm/5m
Laser beam diameter About φ3mm at 5m distance (Indoor lightness at 200〜300LX)
Laser operational range About 30m(Indoor)※This is the reaching distance under the general lightness.
About 10m(Outdoor)※It will deteriote under strong sunshine.
Operational temperature range −10℃〜+45℃ (without dew)
Power supply AAA dry cell battery x 3 pcs
Continuous operating hours When laser is on: about 20 hours
When laser is off: about 50 hours
Automatic power off ○ About 20 mins after the last operation
Water and dustproof Equivalent to IP54
Size/Weight 270×30×55mm 559g(Including battery)