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Walking Major

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Waterproof Digital Walking Measure DWM-190P

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Easy to measure distance over walking.

Applicable to various operations such as building, construction, quotation, insurance investigation and sports event.

■Water and dustproof : Equivalent to IP54
It protects the instrument from sudden rain and dust in the operation site.
■Credible digital indication
■LCD back light function
Easy to confirm the measured value due to having the LCD on the grip.
■Memory function
With only pushing a button, it can keep the measured value maximum to 5 memories and can recall the memory freely and show it in the LCD when it is neccessary.
■Flexible style pole
It is able to asjust the height with One-touch-lever on the pole.
■with kickstand
■With shoulder case useful for carrying

Standard accessories
  • Nylon case
Wheel diameter 190mm
Minimum reading 0.05m(5cm)、0.1m(10cm)unit in case of continuouse measurement over 10km
Maximum measureing range 99999.9m(about100km)
Measureing tolerance range ±0.5%
Memory function ○ (Maximum 5 memories)
Power supply AAA dry cell battery x 3 pcs(Included batteries are for test operation.)
Automatic Power off about 5 mins after the last operation or being static
Continuous operating hours about30 hours (if alkaline battery)
Water and Dustproof Equivalent toIP54(Except for flexible pole)
Maximum Length 1017mm
Minimum length 725mm
Weight 1.1kg(Including dry cell battery)