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Industrial Endoscope

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MicroSD Card Type Industrial Endoscope SDI-Series

※Above monitoring displays show actual images.

  • For pipe fitting and inspection of ceiling
  • For inspection of engine for automobile parts, etc.
  • For inspection of small diameter pipe and inside of fabricated parts
  • For inspection of circuit board and cable wiring after operation

■Recording function of static image and movie with voice sound

In addition to the bult-in-memory(64MB), it is also available to keep the memory in Micro SD card(optional, by max.16GB) for static image and movie. As it is also able to record voice sound together with movie, it is very helpful to memorize the operation site, etc.

※It must be very helpful if you record your operation site in voice sound over taking the movie. It helps you to find the operation site very easily later.

Furthermore, it is also available to connect with computer using USB cable and to output data onto TV using AV cable. Using included applicaiton soft(ScopeView), you can manipulate the image over checking at both personal computer and endscope(Dual display).

■Water and dustproof are equivalent to IP67(Main part is equivalent to IP54.)
It will not be bothered even in wet, humid or dusty places thanks to water and dustproof equivalent to IP67. The main part is equivalent to IP54 thus you can touch with wet hand.
■Cable shape
Detachable interrock type

Availavle to use it over fixing the shape.

Detachable flexible type

Available to insert the cable in a pipe if there is enought inner diameter even the pipe curves.

■180°Rotating function・Zooming function
Only with pushing a button, it enables to make the indication display rotate 180 ° and zoom.
■Available to adjust light volume

Due to hyper-brightness LED, it can keep the blightness in the dark place.

In addition, the blightness can also be adjusted with the dial.

■Tip tool(only for SDI-120)

As its tip tool, a side mirror, magnet and hook are provided as its standard.

(Only for SDI-120 of φ12mm type)

※The monitoring image is composite one.

《SDI-120 Standard accessories》

Standard accessories
  • Instrument
  • 1m Camera Cable(φ12mm)
  • Original Hard Case
  • Protective Cap of Camera Head
  • Tip Tool
  • USB cable
  • AV cable
  • Software CD-ROM
※The monitoring image is composite one.

《SDI-55 Standard accessories》

Standard accessories
  • Instrument
  • 1m Camera Cable(φ5.5mm)
  • Original Hard Case
  • Protective Cap of Camera Head
  • Tip metal cover
  • USB cable
  • AV cable
  • Software CD-ROM
■1m Camera Cable (φ12mm)《CC12-1》※Standard accessories of SDI-120
■3m Camera Cable (φ12mm)《CC12-3》
■5m Camera Cable (φ12mm)《CC12-5》
■1m Camera Cable (φ5.5mm)《CC55-1》※Standard accessories of SDI-55
■3m Camera Cable (φ5.5mm)《CC55-3》
■5m Camera Cable (φ5.5mm)《CC55-5》
■Tip Magnet (for φ12mm)《TIP-12MG》※Standard accessories of SDI-120
■Tip Hook (for φ12mm)《TIP-12FK》※Standard accessories of SDI-120
■Tip Side Mirror(for φ12mm)《TIP-12SM》※Standard accessories of SDI-120
■Tip Side Mirror(for φ5.5mm)《TIP-55SM》
■Tip Ball(for φ5.5mm)《TIP-55SB》
※This helps to insert the instrument into pipe more smoothly.(φ10mm)
■Quick Charger《QCS-55》
■AA rechargeable battery(1 pc.)《AA2300》※4 pcs. is neccessary for SDI Endoscope.

Model No. SDI-120 SDI-55
Monitor 3.5 inch TFT Color LCD
Camera part CMOS sensor
Focusing distance 50mm 10mm
Cable Detachable interrock type Detachable flexible type
Cable outside diameter φ12mm φ5.5mm
Minimum curving radius 50mm 40mm
Cable length 1m
Lens angle 60°
Function Rotating function(180°of indication display) and zooming function
Lighting Hyper-brightness white color LED(Light volume adjustment is available.)
Recording memory Built-in memory 64MB, or MicroSD card(Max.16GB)
Image resolution Static image 720×480 JPEG
Movie D1(720×480)or QVGA(320×240)AVI system
Interface AV output(NTSC/PAL), USB output
Water and dustproof Equivalent to IP67 ※From camera cable to camera head at normal temperature and pressure.
Equivalent to IP54 ※Main part
Operational temperature range 0℃~45℃
Operational humidity range 5%~95%RH(Without dew)
Storing temperature and humidity range -20℃~60℃ under 85%RH(Without dew)
Power Supply AA Alkaline dry cell battery x 4 pcs. ※Mangan battery is not available.
AA rechargeable battery AA2300×4 pcs.(Optional)
Tip Tool Side mirror, Magnet and Hook Side mirror and Ball(Option)
Size 268×60×100mm
Weight 600g 490g