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Repair, Service, and Support

Our state-of-art instruments enable us to give you perfect satisfaction in these services.

We respond to all of your requirements such as: Repairing, Calibration and Check of various kinds of Land Surveying Instruments including total station, laser & leveling products. We also provide reasonable price system for these services and good aftercare of the products we repaired.

Collimator system
Collimator system Collimator system
  • Collimator system
  • Angle adjustment tools
  • Frequency counter
  • Low-voltage power supply
  • Measuring distance system
  • EDM adjustment tools
  • Storage scope
  • Low frequency voltmeter
  • Digital multi-meter
  • Reference line to inspect measured distance
  • Infrared collimator
  • Desktop inspection machine
  • Power meter
  • Adjusting tool for distance measurement of total station(adjust positions of sending & receiving sign)

For Laser Levels and Markers, checks will be done with machines (infinite collimator) which enables us accurate inspections rather than by actual measurement with strings.